Stephen Ministry is a team of laypeople doing one-to-one, distinctively Christian caring with those going through difficult times in life. The care is completely confidential. We know no one wants to admit they need help, but no one other than you and your Stephen Minister will know that you are having discussions. Difficult times in life constitute many things and times we all go through. Why go through it alone when you can have a person at your side to help carry the load. We are here to serve you and will be by your side whether you are lonely, ill, having problems at home, or grieving. The Stephen Ministry team looks forward to helping you. The team consists of Carroll Harrell, Susan Winslow, Carol Kuhn, Ruth Lacefield, Kay Whedbee White and Jean Ashley (temporarily on leave of absence). If you want to know more about the ministry or need help yourself or know of someone who you think needs help, please contact one of the Stephen Ministers.